American diamond jewellery, a world where stars sparkle a bit more and colours are classy. Diamonds are girls’ best friend, that being said every girl wants to own a diamond at least once in her lifetime. American diamonds made diamonds a regular in every woman’s jewellery collection. With American diamonds one can get the same shine and almost the same durability of diamonds at a far more affordable rate.

Recently, there has been a rise in demand for American diamonds globally. The versatility of styles and the variety of designs of american diamond jewellery has made them quite a big hit among all genders, races and ages.

History of American Diamond Jewellery Designs

To tell you about the history of American diamonds and the designs thereof, it all started with the synthesis of compound cubic zirconia. Totally man made made up of zirconium, the compound resembles a real diamond thus came to be known as american diamond. Now that we have something that looks like a diamond that can be made in a laboratory, the jewellery industry took it upon themselves to produce designs and types of jewellery that is affordable to all.

From simple rings, to earrings and necklaces and bracelets too came into being. Today, you can find every piece of jewellery in american diamonds comprising unique and stylish designs. Both men and women wear American diamond jewellery that best represents their style and personality all over the world.

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