American diamond jewellery has taken the world by storm with its diamond-like appearance and quality. The diamond-like shine and clarity of cubic zirconia gave the American diamond its name in the first place. They have been enjoying great popularity among both men and women since their arrival in the jewellery industry. In this capitalist world where money speaks the loudest, it provides a luxury that everyone can afford. Where women used to crave and yearn for a single diamond in their lifetime, American diamonds made it possible for every woman to own at least one, and they may get more than one.

Now it’s time to think about those American diamonds you’ve secured in your jewellery boxes. Pairing the right kind of material, design, and style of jewellery is just as important as getting your favourite piece of jewellery. Let us read along with the American Diamond Style Guide and learn how to pair our American Diamond jewellery the best.

American Diamond Jewellery with Colours

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

American diamonds are found in various colours, including red, yellow, green, blue, etc., along with the classic white and clear shine. The more colours you have, the more options you’ve got to style your American diamond jewellery. The clear and striking shine of white diamonds is the most versatile and luxurious kind to wear at any occasion and with any outfit. The shine looks best with all the colours and reflects the shadows of colours in your outfit, making it the star of any occasion.

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

As for colourful American diamonds, you’ve got monochrome jewellery to go with them, or will you prefer multicolor as an accessory? The colours can be matched to the colour of the outfit for a monochrome look. While getting a contrasting colour of jewellery with your outfit can make a nice fashion statement that everyone will love to follow.

American Diamond Jewellery for Different Occasions

Knowing the versatility of American diamonds, they are a fit for every occasion, depending on the way you match them with your outfit. From everyday casual outfits to weddings and formal events, American diamond jewellery is among the top choices of women. Let us see what and how we can pair American diamond jewellery with different occasions.

For everyday casual wear

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

For everyday casual wear, I recommend simple American diamond stud earrings or a tiny charm pendant set. Pair simple hoops or studs with the simple jean look. While wearing a summer dress, you can wear an American diamond pendant set, which will enhance the fun vibe of the season. For casual hangouts with friends, an American diamond bracelet with matching earrings can do a lot for them to just speak of your style all day.

For traditional weddings

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

Indian weddings are traditional, and they require a touch of tradition in all modern styles. American diamond necklace set designs are inspired by the traditions and historic art of the country, making them a great choice for weddings and even as bridal jewellery. You may wear a choker necklace or a collar necklace with broad and deep-neck outfits. Or pair your narrow necklace with an American diamond stone pendant set for a statement-making centrefold look.

For formal events

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

Formal events may feel unappreciated for jewellery, but if you wear the right jewellery with the right outfit, you may just become the fashionista of your company. The best office-wear American diamond jewellery is a pendant set. From solitaire to halo designs of pendant sets, when worn with a formal suit, it just enhances the grace of it by hundreds. An American diamond statement stud earring is the impression you would love to put on your peers and upranks.

For fun parties

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

Parties are fun only when you are the centre of attention. To do just the same for you, American Diamond Chokers are the ones to go with. A statement collar necklace with matching dangler earrings is the best to pair with your black short dress. Ear cuffs and ear chains of American diamonds are the favourites of women at parties to wear with a bodycon dress. Diamond bracelets with matching earrings are the most commonly worn pair by women at parties.

American Diamond Jewellery for Different Outfits

When styling your American diamond jewellery according to the outfit you are wearing, there are a few things to take into consideration. The colour of the outfit, your style, and what the place demands of your style. Let us pair some outfits we commonly wear with our favourite American diamond jewellery.

With the Business Attire

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

For business attire like formal suits or skirts with blazers, pendants are the best match. The ones who like to wear a whole matching set can go for the whole pendant set. The ones who like to keep it minimal can either wear the pendant or the earrings. If you want to wear a bracelet, you can go for a cuff bracelet or a simple American diamond tennis bracelet. As for office parties and important meetings where you need to make an impression, go blind with a choker necklace and spread your intelligent charm.

With the Casual Wear

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

Casual wear needs to be casual; that is, it needs effortless styling. Long chain pendants are the best match for casual wear. American diamond studs, drop earrings, and hoops look good with jeans and skirts. Those simple ear cuffs are another choice you can make when hanging out with friends. Simple chain charm bracelets are best worn to college or hangout sessions.

With the Evening Wear

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

For evening wear or a party look, American diamonds steal the show with any mention of jewellery. Choker necklaces, dangler earrings, and statement collar necklaces are the favourites among women for parties. Wear a simple choker with your evening gown in black, red, or blue and become the centre of attention at the event. Luxury ear cuffs decorated with American diamonds are another choice of earrings you can go for to pair with your evening wear.

With the Traditional Attire

American Diamond Jewellery Style Guide

When it comes to traditional events like weddings and festivals, American diamond jewellery with traditional-based designs is popular. American diamond lariat necklaces, a combination of diamonds with gold and pearls, are the favourites as traditional jewellery. Pair a choker and chandelier earrings with a saree for the perfect mixture of modernity and traditional vibes. Lehengas and shararas look best with a collar necklace and pendant necklace, respectively.

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