Necklaces are the centre of an ensemble; it becomes quite monotonous to wear them simply like that. The modern generation hates to wear anything that isn’t fun and enjoyable. Layering necklaces is the way one can get out of the monotone style and experiment with the elegance of different types and styles of necklaces. Inspired by the bohemian style and worn popularly as the boho-chic look, layering necklaces has become a popular modern trend. Women today, of all ages, like to wear a couple of different necklaces rather than going for a single type and design.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways that we can layer our necklaces. Is layering according to one’s style better, or is the material of the necklace or its length more appealing? We have listed a few styles you can go for while layering your necklaces and the look you can go for with the pairings.

Pearls with gold chains are classy.

Pearl necklaces, whether they are a pendant necklace or a pearl chain, can be great to layer with gold chains. The contrast of white with the golden colour of the chains adds elegance to the look. Pearls with gold add undeniable class to the ensemble. It is a look you can wear for almost all occasions, from an office formal meeting to a party tonight. The way you style it and the outfit you pair it with determine the vibe it brings to the look. If in doubt, you can always go for the versatility of pearls and the royalty of gold.

Chokers with long necklaces are an elaborate look.

Choker necklaces layered with different lengths of necklaces are the new choice for women for a more complete and elaborate look. From glamorous party looks to fashionable traditionals, this layering of necklaces can accommodate it all. A pearl choker with a diamond pendant necklace or a stone pendant with pearl chains are some of the most common layers of necklaces.
The trendy layering of statement choker necklaces made in gold, pearls, and diamonds with long necklaces like rani haar and stone necklaces is a must for a bridal look.

Silver necklaces with charms are the perfect casual outfit.

Silver necklaces are available in an uncountable variety of styles and designs. From choker length to collar and long necklaces, silver necklaces are a favourite of all women. They are best to layer and wear for casual college looks and fun hangouts with friends. They are totally capable of providing you with that fashionable look for the party, too. Cute little charms added to these lengths just help add personality to the style. Charms like tiny locks, keys, stars, fish, and sea shells are worn popularly by young women in chains of silver. It is minimal, but at the same time, it makes a loud fashion statement with its colour and charm.

Beads and leather go hand in hand.

Bead necklaces and leather necklaces are the best to layer together for a rusty aesthetic look. The trendy boho-chic look is best carried with layers of beads and leather. The woody appearance of beads in different colours and the black and brown of leather are a perfect pairing for young college women. Women who love to wear something that ain’t bling and expresses their personality well enough can go with this layering necklace style. Bead necklaces alone, when layered around the neck, give a perfectly new look that exactly fits the trend of uniqueness. However, a leather choker necklace with beads is the supreme style one must try.

Wrap the rope necklaces your way.

Rope necklaces are generally made of beads and pearls. Wrapping the long rope necklaces around one’s neck is the best layering you can do with a single necklace. You can either wrap it as a choker or at different lengths. Wrapping them at different lengths makes it look like there is more than one type of necklace you are wearing. You can layer bead or pearl necklaces of different colours and shades or increase and decrease their sizes. Add a diamond or stone pendant necklace to the rope necklace and enjoy the enticing elegance it brings. 

Enjoy luxury with stones and pearls.

Pearl necklaces layered with stone pendants and necklaces are another layering style you can go with. This particular layering method can provide you with a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for high-profile parties and formal events. Women can wear them with evening gowns and short dresses, depending on their style and preference for that occasion. Stones in different colours can add a pop of colour to the white elegance of pearls. This layering necklace style is best for a wedding reception, a charity event, or fundraisers because of its luxurious looks.

These are some ideas for layering necklaces for a particular look at a significant event. Go with silver necklaces with charms for a casual daily look. Gold with pearls is a nice, elegant, and chic look if you are going to a meeting or an office party. Chokers with long necklaces in stones and diamonds are the best traditional fashion. Beads and leather necklaces, when layered together, spread an aesthetic vibe that is difficult to ignore and eye-catching. Stones with pearl necklaces are a luxurious beauty you might want to try at the next big event.

Layering necklaces is the modern trend, and it’s undeniably fashionable and fun! Layer your necklace your way and discover the joy of different pairings that complement each other’s features the best.

You can even explore our jewellery collection for some options of necklaces you may want to add to your collection to try and layer them with the ones you already have. Every time you layer a necklace with another, it becomes a whole new design and pattern, which makes it almost as new as the one you just bought. So have fun trying new pairings to layer necklaces for different looks and occasions!

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